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Office Waste Management Leicester

Our state-of-the-art facilities mean that we are able to look after every substance from commercial to market waste products. We even supply scrupulous site waste management and an account supervisor to provide you with complete support when you need the following:

Small Recycling
Commerce Waste Collections
Hazardous Waste
Secret Shredding
Landfill Diversion

Therefore whether you are in need of a one off service or an on-going waste management strategy, then look no farther. We’ve got efficient, cost effective services and, most importantly, professional staff to assist you.

Waste Packaging
Do you want packaging for your waste?
As portion of our service we can offer you appropriate and affordable packaging. We’ll make sure the packaging is suitable for your waste sort, related risks, place, use and handling.

As portion of our dedication to to reuse and recycling, we’ll endeavour to use any existing, great state promotion you might have or provide promotion which has been recondition and approved for reuse. Should you want, we may also supply brand-new packaging products.

The high degree of recyclable materials recovered through our waste collection procedure means we can provide an all-inclusive merchandise supply service.

Even if we run short of stock, we can immediately discover a variety of aggregates to satisfy local needs.

Likewise, we’ve got substantial supplies of graded topsoil that is perfect for levelling off websites, landscaping schemes or for household gardens.

Reclaimed debris or topsoil may be delivered direct to your website by our tipper lorry, with a same day service generally accessible. Or you may gather from us.

Wood brought to our website is additionally divided and sorted for recycling as economically and effectively as possible.

It improves our recycling service and underlines our purpose in protecting the ecosystem by drastically reducing landfill demands.

Contact us for more details or in case you have some questions regarding our recycling and merchandise supply services.

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