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Waste Removal Services Leicester

When it comes to waste removal services, it can frequently be hard to choose which service is the most appropriate to use for which sort of waste.  Luckily, Waste company knows a  thing or two about rubbish removals also it’s a pleasure to pass this knowledge on to you.  Without further ado, let’s create a beginning and look at which waste removal services operate for what waste flows. 

Bulky Waste Removal Services Leicester

As a waste stream, bulky things are amongst the most commonly-collected by rubbish removal solutions. This is typically because of how things like sofas, mattresses and wardrobes can be difficult enough for people to remove from their home, let alone to transport for their family recycling centre. Sadly, this is sometimes a reason that things like the aforementioned are often seen in laybys, public car parks and common areas; they’re too sizeable to change also there’s a cost implication in hiring a rubbish removals company to do it on your behalf.  But naturally, that cost downturn is nothing in comparison with the criminal charges and financial penalties that may face individuals who are found guilty of fly-tipping or employing a company who are proven guilty of fly-tipping. 

This is the area where waste firm ‘s ‘man and van’ style clearance service comes in.  Not only is Waste company registered waste carriers, but we provide our clients with an electronic waste transfer notice upon the completion of every trash removal.  This notice records what things were collected, the respective recycling rate as well as the items’ final destination.  This record comprises your Duty of Care and will be evidence of due diligence, which means you could have confidence in Waste company. These waste removal services have been a quick reaction, on-demand and functioning in your town now.  Have a peek at our ‘man and van’ pages for more about our bulky waste removal services or visit our expert couch removal service page.

Renovation Waste Removal Services Leicester

Whether it’s a kitchen setup or a toilet rip-out, if you’ve got a renovation job coming up then you’re going to be needing either a skip or a skip bag.  The protected containment of waste is essential when undertaking this type of project.  Not only does a skip or skip bag reduce the risk of environmental hazards or injury, but it retains the whole area that small bit cleaner and tidier too. Our skip hire period will be 14 days, which should provide you plenty of time to finish your job and fill your skip ahead of your collection is expected.  But if your job is likely to proceed at a more leisurely pace, then our skip bags could be the right service for you.  From the point of purchase, you’ve got six months in which to fulfill your skip bag and book your selection, which offers something of an insurance policy in case your renovations require longer than previously planned.

Garden Waste Removal Services Leicester

When it comes to garden waste, Waste company can offer a range of solutions so you can pick the one that is most acceptable for you.  In the event you’re eliminating items like de-constructed sheds, garden furniture and bbqs, the cheapest and effective option might be the ‘man and van’ service.  If it’s merely cuttings, trimmings and twigs, then (based on the volume), you may be best served with our increasingly popular rubbish removal totes: more affectionately known as skip bags. Whereas if you’re eliminating rubble, bricks or dirt, then the more appropriate option is our skip hire service.  Even then, you will need to be aware of weight restrictions when eliminating thick, compact waste like this — be sure to go over that with our friendly office staff when reserving our skip hire services.

Hazardous Waste Removal Services Leicester

As the title suggests, hazardous waste removal is a complicated and dangerous practice and one that you ought to approach with extreme care in case you’re trying it for yourself.  Whether you’ve asbestos, petrol or paint that needs removing, you’re advised to seek expert advice prior to taking any certain cases, many trash removal companies won’t have the ability to help you because of safety and health or compliance concerns, but if you contact waste company in the first case, we can usually provide a bespoke solution.  This article can point you in the right direction regarding how to remove hazardous waste.

WEEE Removal Services Leicester

Waste electric and electronic equipment, or WEEE as  they’re conveniently referred to, can contain things as small as hair sprays or things as big as American-style fridge freezers and anything in between.  Unbeknownst to many, these things cannot merely be sent to landfill as a result of negative impact on the environment brought on by lead, arsenic and cadmium that are frequently a composite substance of WEEE items. If moving these things to the regional household recycling centre is not an option that’s available for you, then you can trust waste company.  Our ‘man and van’ style waste removal service is ideal for eliminating bulky electrical items, typically on the exact same day.  Much like all of Waste company’s rubbish removal services, over 95% of the things we gather are diverted from landfill, meaning that they are recycled, repurposed or reused where possible.  The recycling rate to the personal collection will detail that recycling rate. Have a look at the following post for more information about how to dispose of WEEE goods or get in contact with us to book your waste removal service. Removing rubbish.  It’s exactly what we do.

About Waste Company

Waste company operates nationwide on-demand rubbish clearance and waste removal services, with over 120 vehicles and 300 directly employed personnel.  Our core services comprise our industry-leading rubbish clearance service as well as our skip bag, skip hire and couch removal services. Waste company was ranked as the fastest-growing waste management company in Europe for three  years running and featured on the Sunday Times virgin Atlantic fast track for the previous couple of decades.

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